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Panzer Elite - a blast from the past

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Since there were practically no videos (only a few) on youtube of this great tank sim/game I've put one up as well.

IMO it's probably the best tank game ever produced - especially with the Ostpak mod applied. Huge campaigns, long lasting missions, and great atmosphere all the way. I just wish they would make a sequel to this great game.

Hell if there is ever going to be an SB2 I hope it will have at least half a good as a campaign structure as this one.

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I agree, Panzer Elite was awesome back in the day. I still have the disc laying around here somewhere. There is a site that still sells it, and it is made to work on new machines, if you are interested just do a search for Good Ol' Games.

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it said to download the mod in the Psynosis directory that do not exist anymore with the new download

Ostpak both fill downloaded and install, but there is surely an error on the file implacement

in that, so i cannot see any mod available in the Mod anabler?


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gasp! blasphemy!

jeepers! i better throw a furry critter on the BBQ before Ssnake and Al see this!

p.s. theme music from Das Boot? hehe, excellent movie.

I wrote tank game... and since SB Pro PE isn't a game, the two can come along good together ;)

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