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SB sounds won't play


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I've tried replacing some of the voices in Pro P.E. such as the fire, cease fire, contact ect ect files with some sound clips of Optimus Prime and Bender that have been converted into .wav format. They are 3-5 seconds long and the file size tends to average out to 300-400kb. When I play SB to determine if I installed the sounds correctly, they either won't play or the default voice plays. Tank or PC I won't hear the sounds I installed. I have renamed exactly the sounds I'm replacing and extracting the default sounds in a backup folder on my desktop.

My question is what is blocking these sounds from playing or is there any other hidden option I have to do to make these new sounds playable? I would really like to hear Bender's "Bite my shiny metal ass" instead of a simple "target" :-/

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