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Is Track IR supported?


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Yes and no....

If you enable mouse axis emulation in the TIR softare u can use TIR, otherwise no, this will of course become problematic when u need to use the mouse :)

To be honest i fail to see the practical use of TIR in SB, I have the thing and i love it... in flight sims. U can of course use TIR in the TC position of the tank but it doesnt give you the same advantage as in flight sims where your hands are constantly occupied by the flight controls, that is not the case in SB.

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Thanks for your answers. You have a point, I suppose in a tank you are spending a lot of your time looking down an aiming sight (excuse my terminology)

and even drivers have a very restricted view so I suppose the ability to look around in not so critical as in a flight sim.

I just bit the bullet, and raided my credit card and bought a copy, now the long wait.

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