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Best o/s ?


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Howdy all,

I'm still a SB virgin, my copy of ProPE having just arrived in the mail.

I experimented a lot with ARMA2 recently, installing it 3 times on my PC which is triple booted with WinXP 32bit, Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit, Windows 7 (7600) 64 bit.

Winner was WinXP 32bit for ARMA2 by a mile.



Asus p6t DeluxeV2

Evga gtx295coop

6gb ram

So my questions:

1) What o/s would you install SB on ?

2) Is it possible to install it once to a seperate hard disk/partition, then run it from that location via each of the 3 operating systems ?

3) If not, is it possible to install it 3 times, i.e. to each partition the operating system is on, and be able to run each ok

(or does the CodeMeter USB make questions 2 and 3 a no-go ? i.e. each install on the same machine requires a different licence on the CodeMeter stick ??)


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  1. There may still be driver issues with 64 bit os. The latest drivers are apparently improved, but they may still be slower. Apart from that little difference AFAIK
  2. The program can be run from any installed directory, however it has some files (scenarios, user textures, terrain) in the user application data/user documents paths, so this would probably cause problems unless you replicated the correct file structure (either registry edits, or copying the files by hand to the appropriate locations). Not advised IMO.
  3. No restriction on the number of 'machines' the program is installed onto (limit of 1 running instance per license though). As each os is effectively a different machine for registry purposes this would apply. This would be my preferred route for side-by-side testing (and the results would be interesting).

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(limit of 1 running instance per license though).

Not sure thats correct. I have and still can run a number of instances on the same PC. I do this when building missions and testing them so I can play against myself when no one is around to help out to play. I think its just one license per PC running it.

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Fair enough - you can't easily simultaneously use three os natively on the same machine though ;)

The gist is correct though - any one license can serve any single machine, and can be made available by moving the USB dongle, or shared across a network. The dongle can hold up to eight licenses (the secondary licenses are available for a lower price).

Once all the licenses are in use, no additional machines can launch until a license is freed up.

There are no limits on the number of machines on which the program files can be installed, but you need a license in order to start the program in any mode.

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