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it seems that when moving into F8 view, if no input by the mouse or joystick is given then the field of view moves to the 12 o'clock position of the turret. okay, no problem. but after moving the view to say 5 o'clock and watching, not giving any input, the view moves back to the 12 o'clock position -- after only about 3 seconds of no input! i don't mind the view moving to 12 initially, but WHY does it have to continuously FIGHT me for where i want to view? every three seconds i have to give new input or the view slings over to the 12!

i understand it's probably a requested feature (though i still don't know why the player cannot just move to the 12 on his own). but can we not get a compromise here? why not disable any snaps back to 12 after the player gives input on where he (or she) WANTS to view?

Daskal, this might play hell with your videos ;)

EDIT: the continuous snap back to 12 seems to only happen when using a joystick to look around in F8.

also, sometimes it wants to jump between the 12 on the turret and the 12 on the hull...back and forth. i was engaged at the 12 to the hull when this was happening. maybe it is snapping between direction engaged and 12 of the turret.

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