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Tacbat's Operation Variable Campaign

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Greetings to All,

Time in England and almost five weeks of computer problems mean that I am only now able to access the SB forum successfully. I'd like to add my congratulations to Tacbat, Volcano and Sean for their outstanding dedication to OP VARIABLE, and to thank all participants in it. I am very sorry to have missed the last two iterations, but I very much look forward to future ops of this nature.

Best Regards!

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On 5/2/2019 at 10:06 AM, Bond_Villian said:

So 10 years later i wonder, would there be enough interested players & CO's to do a re-run of this campaign? 

So long as it's not in the normal TGIF spot and at a euro friendly time, yes.


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1 hour ago, Volcano said:

All we need now is Tacbat to do it again.  🤣


Well if he's too busy - I maybe able to help (just need to get an idea of what went on behind the scenes to judge the potential workload).

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