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Battle order?

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I've worked on a sce based on an order given "in the running battle"(...or battle order(?)) usually given via radio. Very compressed order that should not take much more the 2 mike to be issued.

In german it follows the form "FNAKI"...which includes:


N-achbarn(neighbouring units)

A-uftrag(own overall task)

K-räfte (tasks to subunits)

"I-ch befinde mich" (place of the leader)

I guess the contents of the english form are pretty much the same, but it would be nice

to have the original form.

Thanx for the help...

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I think that what you're referring to would be considered in the US Army as a fragmentary order or FRAGO. A FRAGO updates the standing operations order or OPORD. The FRAGO contains the information necessary to execute the update.

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In Sweden we use

Orientering (orientation about the situation.)

Beslut (decicion - what the commander deicided)

Order (to the units.)

Or Order could be changed to Kommando (command) if it´s small unit order.

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