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Modify terrain after sce. creation?


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I noticed there's a "refresh map" option in the mission editor. If I modify a map (say, by removing a feature such as a house or bridge), can I use this feature to update the mission map? Or do I have to use the "replace map" option? And will either of these options affect the sce. file negatively?

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Use the "Refresh" function. That will keep all the coordinates the same unlike the "Replace map" feature where you will in all likelihood have a shift of the entire map, which would force you to move all units, routes, map graphics etc.

No negative side effects for the map refresh are known.

However, if you destroy a bridge and the old scenario has a movement route across that bridge, that may cause trouble. Likewise the addition of a swamp or other terrain that is difficult to negotiate.

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Awesome, thanks! BTW, how does one erase an unwanted .ter file? Also, I'd like someone to review my mission when it's completed. I guess I can just post it, but I don't know many specifics about the military (espacially the Belgian Land Component) and I want it to be somewhat accurate. Thanks! :)

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Hello SeanPatrick,

You're interested in the Belgian Land Component ?

How come ?

I'm not a great expert on the topic, but as I'm Belgian I may be a bit of help.

So will review with pleasure yr mission, if you upload it here - I just will need some time to look at it (busy professional period).

NB In this link some discussions on an SB stand-in for the Scimitar: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=13319

Rgds, Koen

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Hey Koen,

The reason I chose the BLC is that I recently found out that my family (father's side) came to America from Belgium. Our original last name was Coucke (I think I spelled that correctly) as opposed to the current spelling of Cook. Anyway, I wanted a mission clearing a desert city and since the BLC is/was stationed in northern Afghanistan, they fit the bill. Besides, I prefer the Leopard to the M1. Sorry, my fellow Americans! :redface: Although, I don't think the Belgians use the Leo2. But I put it in there anyway.

BTW, thanks for volunteering! I'll post it as soon as I put the finishing touches on it. It's kind of a knock-off of Tacbat's contest winner...but he stole my ideas! :)

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Has the Belgian army finished its transition to an all-wheeled service yet?

2015: by then all tracked vehicles would be phased out (Leo 1 BE, M113A1-B, AIFV-B, M109A2, etc) and replaced by various variants of Piranha III & Pandur.

The Piranha-variant AIV C90 DFC, with a 90 mm gun would be the most powerful weaponsystem then - BUT there are also plans to go for a 105 mm version


Rgds, K

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