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Welcome Lt. Mike.

Take a look at this, I'd be interested in any comments you might have.

Yeah thats the stuff right there.

The thing about reporting procedures in the Armed Forces is that they're easy and to the point. Nobody wants to hear a person blab on about a vehicle thats about to kill their entire platoon. The platoon wants to be IN action before that report is even done.

Also, nobody likes to be distracted from what they're doing in game, especially in a game where hearing is a form of contact that may save your life.

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The beta can be installed concurrently with 328.

You shouldn't need to download any maps for most MP games. The terrain map files are embedded in the scenario files which automatically download when you join an MP session. The only issue you may run into is if you join a scenario made on a custom height map that you don't have. You can avoid this by going to the download section of this site and downloading the available custom height maps

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My wife constantly makes fun of me for using a headset with propper radio procedures...
Boy have you come to the right place. Pretty much every Saturday 1st VUSCav gets together, and when we practice do at least a passable job of doing proper comms.

Once you get your CD and get squared and flush, hop into an MP session. Don't worry about how good you are. Most of us are pretty accepting of new folks, and the skills come pretty fast in any event.


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Welcome Apocalypse... always nice to a new face around here :)

You should introduce yourself to Volcano. It appears that you have some things in common with him (sound guy in the Army who drives around in a big metal box...)

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Hey all. I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself.


I am a hardcore gamer. My wife constantly makes fun of me for using a headset with propper radio procedures, ...

Well, maybe we are even more ...ähm, missing the propper engl metaphor here ...as we try to use Radio-tables with our comms :-P


welcome here



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