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Controlling Opfor

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Is there a tutorial as to how to best control OPFOR units. if "driving" a T72 or BMP how do you give it the command ot engage something that has appeared ahead of you? During MP games does everyone use "crewable" vehicles or are some controllnig the red non-crew types and if so what is best way to do so.


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most MP games have crewable vehicles for Red or OPFOR. if you have an enemy force or vehicle you would like your non-crewable vehicle or crunchies to engage, hit "E" on your keyboard. This should cause the unit to take on any enemy units within LOS. If the unit is moving on a route other than scout, the unit will probably engage once the enemy is seen unless it's marching on return fire only, hold fire orders, or a limited range engagement order, i.e. max engagement range of 1000m.

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Another note for the Opfor non-crewable vehicles. If your riding along with one of them in the outside view and you spot an enemy element that the Ai has not yet seen, you can "bring it to their attention" by using the "Shift + laze" key combination while in the maginified view. This brings up a small red star object in your center view that you move onto the "yet unseen enemy", hold on the vehicle to "ID" it and the Opfor should direct their attention to the indicated target and take action.

Now this works most of the time but if there's some obsticals in the way (woods, bushes, buildings) the AI might not "see" the indicated target right away.

Controlling the Opfor elements takes some knowledge of the "vehicle formation" keys and using the terrain correctly. Switching between the map to set route paths and "tactics" at various points and checking the ground from the vehicles themselves must become a standard SOP for the "Opfor" element commander. Normally only about a Company size unit can be controlled at a time by each Opfor commander, any more and things get out of hand rather quickly. (although with practice multipule companies can be "fought" at the same time.)

Later ..... 9erRed

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