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problems with windows vista


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Hi there,

1) Firstly be aware that directx 9.0 is not installed and native to Vista, you need to run the installation of directx 9.0 from the microsoft webiste, this will take a while as it will go through pretty much all of the previous directx 9.0 updates to date.

2) Make sure also you are running the latest compatible version of the Codemeter software, which can be obtained from the WIBU website.

3) One thing that may assist you is disabling the pesky UAC which blocks all sorts of things running, to perform this do the following:

- Click the Windows Button (Start)

- Click Control Panel

- Enable classic view

- Click "User Accounts"

- Click "User Account Control on or off"

- Remove the tick from "Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect my computer"

- Click OK

Try SB... it might be worth after trying also after you have done all the above to try a fresh install of SB and get it right up to date.

Not sure what else could be causing a problem, I recently setup Vista 64bit on my system and SB worked first time, I of course did the above things first because I am aware that they cause problems :) so I hope this helps you!!


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i cant seem to get to play the game wont allow via usb.

Can you please elaborate?

I can't make much sense from your sentence - it appears a bit fragmentary, so I have trouble giving you specific advice.

Do you get an error message, and if so, which one? (We need the exact text).

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hi i did have windows xp 32bit and now have windows vista 32 bit ive re installed sb.pro and i cant get it to run.i put in the USB codemaster and it say cant be found when trying to run the game .i will try the above .posts and see if it works .well ive tryed to change account to let it run still no joy i get a error saying plug in your code stick when i try to run sbpro .exe .

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Hey mate, sorry none of that worked for you :( no doubt the UAC change will make your Vista experience more pleasant.

1) First check you have installed SB with ALL patches to the latest version, if so proceed below.

2) Can you download and run the install this > http://www.wibu.com/files/cm3_20c/CodeMeterRuntime32.exe

Then try using SB, you MAY or MAY NOT require a restart after running the installer I cant remember.

Your issue seems more related to the codemeter and its associated software from what you are saying.

I hope this is helpful.

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I think the first step for all Vista users should be to download and install version 3.20 of the CodeMeter runtime. If I remember it correctly, all previous versions only worked properly with XP.

Did I link the wrong version :confused: apologies if I did :(

- Conpara - I am delighted to hear that everything is working correctly, im sure myself and ssnake were only too happy to help :)

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