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Counterstroke: NATO

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In the time frame of this NATO had TIS in the Leo2's and M1's, so ya.

Greater than 2km? well the ground really doesn't support many engagements at this range, after all its Germany, and the last campaign had some really good knife fights. LOL

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Is this open to newbies? I have less than a weeks experience. If it is okay, I'd like to join.



I'd encourage any newbies to join on either side. One of the points of an organized campaign such as this, in my opinion, is to increase the opportunities of newcomers to play on-line.

If you register at the 1stusvcav forum, I'll get you set up.

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Is this open for Germans too ?

I have a battalion by hand ;-)

I attempted to contact you a couple days ago through the steelbeasts.eu site via your forum e-mail link.

You have an offer to assume tactical and 'operational' control of all Bundeswehr forces in the campaign.

If you register at the 1stusvcav site, we can work out co-ordinating details there.

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I have the following individuals signed up to play for NATO:





Apocalypse 31





As a reminder, final decisions about who will play I've left with the commanders for each side. This is not to suggest that either commander has decided not to take on volunteers, only to again mention the policy. If you don't see your name on this list, let either GaryOwen or myself know.

If you're interested in playing, here is also the place to sign up. Once done, GO will grant you access to the CS NATO forum he's set up on his site.

I should also mention that NATO has an OB which features distinct NATO-member units. There is, for example, a Panzergrenadier battalion (the 511th, I couldn't resist), a Danish unit, and a refitted company from 4th CMBG.

If you're unsure about playing, but think that you might like to give it a try, feel free to show up on game night (which so far is looking to be Saturday, but may include another night). Either commander is willing to take inexperienced volunteers, you only need to demonstrate a willingness to play as part of a team. Neither commander is prone to fits of screaming, either. You won't be rebored for making a mistake.


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