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Counterstroke: 334th GTD


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I have the following individuals signed up to play for 334th GTD:






As a reminder, final decisions about who will play I've left with the commanders for each side. This is not to suggest that either commander has decided not to take on volunteers, only to again mention the policy. If you don't see your name on this list, let either 9erRed or myself know.

If you're interested in playing, here is also the place to sign up. Once done, GO, 9erRed (who is commanding) or myself will grant you access to the CS NATO forum he's set up on his site.

To my knowledge, neither commander has insisted that players who sign up must play every game. If you're interested, but unsure, show up on game night (which so far looks to be Saturday night, but may include another night) and ask the commander of the team you'd like to play for if there's room for you. Don't worry if you think you don't have enough experience, either. Both are willing to take inexperienced volunteers, and neither of them bite.


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Counterstroke is still scheduled to kick off at 1900 PDST, Saturday 1 Mar 08 (0300 2 Mar 08 for those of you lurking at or near the GMT band).

Commanders might want to take a few moments and get a head-count for those who will definitely be able to play. Walk-ons are always welcome; Dark Angel for example, who made the too-sweet MERDC skins for the Abrams and the Brad can't commit every two weeks, but has expressed an interest in playing just the same. If you're curious, but not sure about whether you have the time and/or inclination to play, come by anyway.

Sabot_Ready has offered to throw in with the Soviet cause; I'll add you to the roster in just a bit. I'll also remind everyone once more that GaryOwen has a set of fora particular to Counterstroke set up on his 1st Volunteer US Cav site.

There are separate discussion fora for NATO and GSFG (aka 334th GTD), when you sign up also please let either myself, 9erRed, and/or GO know which team you're playing for, so that we may allow you access to the appropriate forum.

Register here: http://www.1stusvcav.com/forum/. We'll do the rest.

Regarding walk-ons, the only caution I will throw out is that if Sean isn't able to host there might be a problem with slot-availability, depending on who shows. Preference will be given to those individuals who signed up and have asked to be part of the roster, otherwise I expect that either commander would be willing to take you in.

If you're interested in playing and haven't signed up yet, do so now.


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Counterstroke will be returning next Saturday 23 Aug 08 at 1900 PST (0300 GMT, 24 Aug 08). All you who were playing as the Soviets last time are welcome to jump back in this time.

If you'd like to play but haven't played before, sound off here. We also accept folks on the spot on a space-available basis, provided you're willing to work as part of a team and take orders from a commander.

See you next Saturday.


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