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Long Night of Tanks XIV


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Well, I tried something with the Scenario:

-Reduced visibility by 500m;

-not all RED units are on map at start, they spawn in intervalls of 2-3 minutes;

I hope that does the trick.

Now I just need 29 players to test it :-/

...btw: currently we are discussing a switch to a six month intervall...right now we waste everybodys time and damage our reputation if we screw up every 3 month

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One thing also, and this might be obvious (if it is, then I apologize), but in large scenarios where everyone is trying to connect and sync up with each other, it is very important that no one is ALT+TAB out of SB when the connection is being established. This is also important for the host machine of course, that it should not be ALT+TAB or have SB minimized. Doing that on either end will cause all kinds of problems when connecting.

I wonder, given how long it took to get the game up, how many of the clients had SB running in the background while they did "other things". On well, just some information that might help, although it is probably of the obvious kind.

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