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LNoT first sce...AREA RECON


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I just want to give enyone who wants to join for this LNoT the oportunity to have a look at the force setup and mission for the the 1st scenario named "TF-DAGGER".

Therefor I'll upload an area recon version(red side not included) to show it.

On the right side you can see what "jobs" are still vacant:

Xo A (HQ and CSS)

Co B (US company)

Co D (SE company)

FSO (fire support officer)



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Are there any n00b-proof spots that me and a friend can take? We've only been playing platoon sized coops with each other in mp for a couple of weeks, so I'd rather not learn to lead a cpy during LNoT if you know what I mean :biggrin:

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LNoT sce's are easily large enough to allow you to have a vehicle without command responsibilities. Each Company will have a commander that can guide his units actions allowing players of differing experience levels to participate. In nearly 10years ofplaying SB I have never heard a disparaging word about even the newest player. Not once. Join in and help your team achieve an epic victory!


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