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The Red Leopard

Here is a new campaign for our collective consideration. The basics of this campaign are:

  • Can Leo AS1s play the part of T72M1s?
  • Can we squint our eyes and "see" the T-72M1 in the LeoAS1?
  • With the "Red Tide" flowing rapidly westward, can an outnumbered (3:1 against), but technologically-superior, BLUE force hold them back?
  • Can a larger number of human players, armed with the "good stuff," beat a smaller number of human players operating vast numbers of "junk" tanks as their only crewable vehicles?
  • Can this all be done in 7 missions?
  • Can we start the year off with a campaign and perhaps see other campaigns surface?
  • Can we use a campaign to reinvigorate the player base, get new folks interested and have a good time (as was the case with 2009's Operation Variable)?

We'll see...

I believe we'll start playing this during the TGIF game period in a few weeks (or so, I'm told by those who gatekeep these things).

I am attaching the rules here ([ATTACH]7714[/ATTACH])

Teams are:

RED (Volcano Man Commanding):

  • Volcano Man
  • Sean
  • Mogwa
  • Dark Angel
  • Tarball
  • Gary Owen

This cast of characters, players, performers and portrayers is set. RED may play if only 50% or more of these people are present.

BLUE (Tacbat Commanding):

  • Tacbat's crew consists of all remaining players who show up to FIGHT!
  • The cast of characters, players, performers and portrayers on BLUE can fluctuate with who happens to show up on any given friday.

I hope we can have fun with this one.

(Perhaps, as was the case with OV, we might sticky this?)

P.S. Calling Danes and Spaniards... units from your countries play prominently in this campaign, perhaps you'd like to stay up deep into the morning hours to play?


The Red Leopard SB Pro PE Campaign.zip

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This should be a very interesting campaign!

Those on Blue, let me know what your top two choices are for playable vehicles. You can choose from:

Recce (Humvees/VEC's)

PC's (M2/CV9035/CV9040)

Tanks (M1/Leo 2A5/Leo 2E)

Now, realize up front that you may not get what you want right away as we have a very limited number of vehicles to begin with. However, if we're careful, then everyone should get what they want at some point in the campaign.

So, review your gunnery techniques against ground and air targets, both while stationary and on the move (most likely backwards :)), moving dismounts around and platoon movements. Your individual abilities will determine very quickly how this campaign will play out, so be prepared.

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This sounds like a lot of fun! I look forward to playing on Team Blue and killing some Reds! :biggrin: As far as which vehicle I prefer, thats easily answered as I am fairly new and have not yet found a "personal favorite." I am up for taking control of anything and learning as much as I can from you all.

See you dirtside!

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Sign me up for the red side.

Red is set to the six players listed above. If one of V's team bows out, then please contact V for inclusion in his team. On the other hand, there are many, many seats available on blue (US, Danish and Spanish equipment).

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What time frame is this supposed to be taking place? Mid 80s or current?

And what time of year?

Time frame is an imaginary "back to the future" affair and not intended to be accurate to any particular time.

Maybe it would help if I listed exactly which Vehicles are there:


LeoAS1, BMP1, BRDM (including AT), Hinds, Support junk

Support - Blue has a full contingent of med, supply, AA and scout/attack helo support (Mi-24 Hind E)


US - M1A1, M2A2, M2A3, M1025 HMMWV, Support junk

Spain - Leopardo, Pizzaro, VEC, Support junk

Denmark - Leo 2A5DK, CV90 / 35 DK, M1025 HMMWV, Support junk

Support - Blue has a full contingent of med, supply, AA and scout/attack helo support (Tiger ARH)


Armies which do not appear, but *might* appear: Germany, Sweden

Recall also that the force ratio is 3:1 favoring RED.

Time of year is a warmer month - no snow on the ground, no winter theme, etc.

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He, that the way 507RCC french campaign work: continuous time, we fight even at night!

the difference from OPV is units stay where they were at the end of the previous mission, and so action begin immediately. Of course, no one has to look at the AAR, where opposite are, and we have to manual edit each unit, to represent dammage. I have to make test if we can edit each vehicule ammo load.

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You're the first one to express interest, so you have your choice of an M2, CV9035 or Pizzaro platoon.

Anything but the Pizza-car (Pizzaro),

As the first missions are likely to be delay, deliberate/hasty defense...I'd say M2 for its TOW-tank-killing ability.

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