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;191348']Red leopard II needs WAY more grease. Kinda picture it as a kinda Friday the 13th sequal except its Saddam Husseins cock bursting out the sand tied in chains with a T72 about to run over it.

I concur Luke. GO and I have some plans cooking, but this year's social calendar looks WAY TOO FULL at the moment. However, this is a good thing and was the whole purpose behind variable 1, 2, Red Leo and the like.

Perhaps when, and if, things quiet down, the Son of Red Leopard will emerge.

However, there is NO QUESTION that more grease is required.

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So, I was riding on the DB ICE 640 train from Berlin to Köln last Sunday and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it ran through the northern portions of Manteuffel's Hannover map. As I looked out the window of the train from Hannover to Minden, where the Red Leopard I campaign terminated, it was a joy to see in reality what we fought over in virtual reality. It also struck me that the areas to the north of where we fought made MUCH MORE SENSE as the ground that the Red tanks should have advanced on. At the time, Manteuffel had not developed that area and I believe that is the reason why the campaign occurred in the hills to the south. However, I think Manteuffel has since populated the area through which my train traversed and after I saw the terrain with my own eyes from the train, I couldn't help but think "if only..."

I am including a pic to further illustrate my point.


You'll notice that RL1 took the red line in my pic (roughly). The magenta line is the route my ICE train took. By looking out the window, and by studying Google Earth when I got home, it was obvious to me that the blue route is the way any RED armor would have likely taken. I'm still convinced that Minden is a worthy prize as it represents a natural choke point along the Weser rivier which nicely splits the Westphalia region from north to south.

All of that certainly makes me think more about a RL 2 (or a RL 1.5). I've been so incredibly busy that it is hard to find the time for it, but it was a real treat to travel through the same territory and it is certainly a magnificent looking area (as was all of northern Germany - so green).

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Tanks for the replies gents. I have kept abreast of Manteuffel's progress and the map is a stroke of genius and a labor of love. My only problem with making another installation of RL happen is time (and the lack thereof). Also, the landscape is ripe with campaigns at the moment.

One this is for sure, that terrain is a WINNER, both in real life and in Manteuffel's virtual reality.

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