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So, I guess we're lookin to start this week?


I see lotsa requests for M1A1s. There are more Leos than M1s in this, so I hope some Leo 2 love develops quickly. Tacbat is right: good (1 hit, 1 kill) gunnery, good manuever and good SA will be key for BLUE. The LeoAS1 is a pushover in a standup fight (1 modern tank vs. LeoAs1), however, the 3:1 force ratio means death by a thousand paper cuts for the Leo 2s and M1A1s that get caught out.

Since there are no real costs, the tendency among SB players (I think this is true enough over the last decade) is to stand ground and fight it out. I think if you do this on BLUE, you'll have a lot of busted up and immobilized tanks. This will have two consequences that amount to losing this asset:

1) RED will find it and give it the mercy killing

2) The mission will end with the asset behind the lines, also causing a total loss (see rules).


For RED's part, despite the fact that we are able to gun, this will be effectively a Head-to-Red experience. Compounding this issue for RED is the fact that the AS1 has no thermal optics and is pretty much going to give up the ghost in a direct confrontation with M1s and Leo 2s. However, I expect to see RED fight dirty such that an MI platoon has 10 or more AS1s firing in unision on it. While those M1s and Leos are slowly having things break on them, expect another 10 AS1s to quickly appear and finish this platoon off and/or render them combat ineffective. So, again, BLUE needs to pick a few off, duck, cover, displace, retreat and repeat. Alas, I encourage BLUE to be mindful of RED's reinforcement schedule: in the first few missions, RED can afford losses that BLUE cannot.


The map being used is from taken from the library (hannover): http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/253/p13_fileid/1718 (credit and thanks to manteuffel for a great-looking map!). I will make slight modifications to this map, but it will remain essentially as-is.

Both sides will benefit GREATLY from some map study and, perhaps, even drills and practice on the terrain. The action starts around the town of Springe (lat=52.2049531138, lon=9.55845870907 )and moves westward for the remainder of the campaign.


I'm happy to see the interest expressed so far. Hopefully, you'll get caught up in the spirit of the thing and come back each week eager to mete out some punishment! :)

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The action starts around the town of Springe and moves westward for the remainder of the campaign.

Very nice terrain. I'm wondering if the town is the rally point for Red. I guess it all depends on the size of the map and deployment etc.

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