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Thank you all for making this first outing a good one. Blue did very well and red certainly took it on the nose.

I needed to adjust the rules a touch after consultation and agreement with both COs. Here is the updated copy: [ATTACH]7725[/ATTACH]

More analysis and debrief to come. Until I'm told otherwise by each CO and/or Sean, we'll continue to play on Fridays until this is complete. 1 down, six to go. Red moved forward about 4 km this time, so RED will have to do better. However, it was a decent start for RED and a good hold for BLUE. BLUE has been rewarded with an extra tank for their performance.

The Red Leopard SB Pro PE Campaign.zip

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I've tallied losses, calculated reinforcements and the front line, and have put together the next mission.

Some general highlights from last night's mission:

  • Losses were 7:1 against RED (69 vs. 9); well done BLUE!
  • RED moved a mere 2 km past the font line - RED will need to pick it up a bit.
  • BLUE's choppers dealt a devastating blow against RED's scouts
  • The Spanish and American companies suffered the greatest losses on BLUE
  • The Spanish CO is lost; RED did NOT lose any COs
  • Both sides are VERY much in the fight and next week promises to be quite epic


I am enclosing an outline of the next map such that either side may review it in Google Earth. The area in this KML file generally and approximately corresponds to misson 02's battlefield.


Good luck.

Red Leopard - Mission 02.zip

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Thx for the update/sitrep. The att map will be most useful in the planning process. Friday's TGIF was, IMHO, a very good start to Red Leopard, and I look forward to duking it out with my "Amis Rouges" over the next several weeks. Well Done! :thumbup:

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To put it into perspective though, there is some consolation that ~30 of those losses were BRDM-2s that were doing their job (dying). ;) When you factor that in, the losses were actually 4.3:1. Still over 3:1, but not as bad as it seems by a straight loss for loss comparison. Anyway, the numbers can sometimes be deceptive...

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At least we won't have to worry about ~30 BRDM's in the next mission.

Always 27 there will be, no more, but no less.

The BRDM is good for absorbing fire and, perhaps, seeing where that death came from.

I'll also point out that NONE of the support stuff is replenished, on either side. So RED's lost chopper is, lost. BLUE's lost Tunguska is, lost.

Blue does get scouts reinforcements, but on the schedule. In my mind, the point of this campaign, for BLUE, is something along the lines of:

Whack, fall back, attack, fall back, etc.

One thing I noticed in RL 01, as I was playing in the south, was the degree to which the Spanish VECs stood ground rather than falling back. What the VECs did right, in my opinion, was to let their troops out for ambush; we certainly lost vehicles to that.

In any case, the BRDM has to be the most expendable vehicle in the game. The idea behind an endless supply of them speaks to the full brundt of raw and unsophisticated force out there behind RED's advance.

In any case, our advance is practically nil because we have shifted to the SW. If blue continues to hold us back from making 5 or 6km+ advances, they'll be on the path to victory.

BLUE has 11 M1025 HMMWVs and 2 VECs for the next battle. That should be enough for what scouts do: observe and report.

Lastly, if we are to tally the "real" losses as being those of tanks, here's the story from RL 01:

BLUE tanks lost: 6

RED tanks lost: 34

ratio of 5.5:1

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I am attaching a "clean" version of next week's mission/map so that each side can study the terrain. I've left the vehicles and objectives off the map. I am doing this as 1) the vehicles can be tabulated from the rules and 2) I have "twists" in the plot for intrigue and profit (extra units).


The full account of forces in RL 02, including reinforcements, is as follows:


Leo2a5DK: 14 (5 are reinforcements)

Leopardo2E: 4

M1A1(HA): 7

CV90-35DK: 9 (5 are reinforcements)

Pizzaro: 4

M2A2: 4

HMMWV: 11 (4 are reinforcements)

VEC: 2

for RED, I'll only list reinforcements strength:


Leo1AS1: 16

BMP-1: 6



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