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Danish IFV operational

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AFGHANISTAN, Helmand: The modern Danish IFV is now operationally deployed in Afghanistan. The vehicles will be a clear amplification of the Danish Battlegroup

28-02-2010 kl. 11:47

By Mads Rolf Ahrenskjær, Press Officer, The Danish Battlegroup ISAF 9

The guns are testfired. The electronics are tuned so that the advanced systems will not interfere with each other. And people are so ready as they possibly can be. In short, the Danish IFV of the type CV9035 U.S. is ready to solve the tasks that lie ahead.

Major Thomas Damkjær from the Royal Life Guards is the head of the first Danish IFV-company, which posted in international service. Company incorporated as Bravo Company of the Danish Battlegroup ISAF 9th He has high expectations for the IFV's performance.

- The IFV's makes us more mobile than we were before. It gives us a good insight into the terrain of the thermal observation opportunities that the coach is equipped with. And its powerful armament is also an advantage. So all in all, I expect CV9035 DK is a good support for us in the Green Zone? explains Major Thomas Damkjær, along with his people have been through a long training course in Denmark to prepare for the task of using IFV's operatively.

Safer for innocent

Purely military combines CV9035DK the armored ability to transport a group of soldiers with a great firepower. And firepower in CV9035 DK, equipped with a 35 mm gun, is still one of the things that Thomas Damkjær have high expectations.

- We know that the Taliban have respect for our long-range weapons. The IFV's shoot with programmable ammunition. This means for example that the shells even destroy, once they have flown a certain distance. It reduces the risk of so-called collateral damage (accidental damage to the innocent). But the machine gun is so accurate that we limit our target to what we really want to hit. We are effective in target in the most secure way? says Thomas Damkjær.

Safer for soldiers

The IFV's was slightly delayed on the long road to the Danish battle group's camp. So Thomas Damkjær and his company have resolved their duties with other vehicles until they could finally be ready with the IFV's.

- CV9035 DK is the best vehicle we have. But that does not mean that we are 100% guaranteed against such IED (improvised explosive device). We are obviously very aware of. Therefore, we take all the precautions we can. We spend lots of time to educate and train our drivers and commander to be mindful of choosing safe roads to ride in position. So it's not that we can move quickly into position, because we have safer vehicles.

But all in all gives the IFV's a number of advantages for us down here Thomas Damkjær ends.


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