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In this PDF "our" Scott Cunningham - some of you may have read his TacSOP.doc which he was so kind to let us include in the Steel Beasts documentation - describes daily operations of a unit of the Nevada National Guard in Afghanistan.

Archangel (if you remember him more from early multiplayer days) now is the commanding officer there (and "our" 3Star part of his staff).

Figured you might appreciate the info.

I bet they will appreciate your attempts to send greetings.

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Oh yes, Scott aka Archangel..

The only field commander, you name it, that I could never beat, one on one, even in Ghost Town (one of my favorites) when I had him down to 1 tank and I had 4 remaining..

The guy moved like cat, did just the opposite of what I, you, did..

And the one time, during a critical battle, during one of the TGIF Best out of, IIRC, 7 games, he came in at the last minute, we all "saved our battle plans" and went back to the, I forget what it was called, ok, let's call it the_staging area.

And, as fate would have it, it was our turn, to choose.. (perfect!!) It was me CO of the team, Brun XO of our team and no sooner than we started the planning stage, again to bring Scott up to speed, with the game-plan, Scott/Archangel jumped right in and started making the game plan.. lol, and Brun, being fearless and the best XO one could have, jumped his shit and told him to shut the fuck up, lol, as Brun and I had made the plan 4 days before the battle, going over it twice, making changes (Brun's input) and Scott went silent, but of course, remained a "deadly silent warrior" and we devastated the other team and took the series, 7 - 0 undefeated, eventually.

Priceless days, moments, and I understand, totally, why Scott is where he is..

He loves it,


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