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SB Veterans - Sound Off!!


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Hey whats up MPOW...Very long time....

I monitor the action, just havent been active in the forums much. Nice to see some of the gang still hanging around.

Just for old times sake I loaded up SB1 recently and ran a couple of the gazillion scenarios i moved to my ext HDD.... LMAO I need practice..


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As Shot points out, we've even had beers with pictures of SB friends that couldn't make it to the party. "Flat Fahy" (Hellhound) got sloppy drunk at the Flying Saucer in Addison, TX one year...

We'll be glad to build a beer-effigy for you 12Alfa. :biggrin:

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It should be taken as payback for all those mines he made me dig for FC.

BTW, how do I get a cool 29th AR siggy just like yours?

You grab the image, using...

http://www.29tharmor.com/images/sig_29tharmor.png (Dull)

http://www.29tharmor.com/images/sig_backonline.png (Mine)


http://www.29tharmor.com/images/sig_mmb.png (Pretty much made for you)

Go to your User CP, change your signature image to the new one. It'll give you a code you can type into your signature block to call the image. Mine looks like...


...with brackets instead of parentheses, of course.

Edit: Bah, the forum's truncating the link. Anyway, it has my user id and a unique identifier in it.

Mine also has (url) tags around it so it serves as a link to the 29AR website, which you might consider anything from a nice touch to a nefarious trap.

All three are 60px high, and even the biggest file is a svelte 6.95kB. If you come up with other cool riffs on the design, let me know. :D

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The original Steel Beasts was shipped first in late August 2000. We will have a tenth anniversary this summer, and we've already planned to capitalize on that with a number of activities.


So, you came back just in time.

Lets have a party in October in Germany soo we can drink during October fest.

What ya say SS ?

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