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SB Veterans - Sound Off!!


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I had to take a couple years off from sb to make up for the 7 years doing nothing but playing it. I am about to order it now and will be back at it.


This has a similar ring to it.. lol

Best time, and only time, of online MP battles, to date..

Great friends, great Company's A, B, C, D, few disappointments

My best to all, past and present



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D00d - remind me how to update my signature image? I made a half ass attempt and located the controls in the SB site, but the URL for the image in your sig won't resolve in either a preview mode or a final save mode.


Rat - try these:

http://www.29tharmor.com/images/sig_29tharmor.png (Plain)

http://www.29tharmor.com/images/sig_backonline.png (HH-flavored)

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