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Skin Request (dejawolf...)


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Dejawolf, that's awesome that you posted some of the BLANK skins here for everyone. You are saving people a truck-load :) of time. would you please post the Leopard 2A4 BLANK skin? :D

Please don't call me an ingrate! ;) Because I am grateful. You are doing a great job on the models and skins chief.

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Yeah a big thanks to Dejawolf for releasing his templates. But about the roof on the Leo2a4. he has errased it =) (guess he has to do a new!)

reason why Leo2A4 and M113AS4 is there is because I asked for them for a few weeks ago. they are superb templates to work with, im a bit spoiled with templates from IL2 community but its another range of work on this. but it looks awsome.

once again, thanxs Dejawolf!

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Many thanks for the blanks, but as oliver would say " Please sir, can I have some more?"

I myself would most greatfully like to see some blanks for the Leo 1A5, Bibber,

LAV25, ASLAV, ASLAV PC, and all of the M113 series.

HINT: Trying to do CDN skins, Need MAJOR help.

Know this is a vast undertaking, would do some of this myself, but don't know how.

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Thank you again Dejawolf for the templates.

As for anyone who is having trouble opening the Photoshop files in Paint Shop Pro (getting a 565 error or something similar) there is a way around it. Just download a freeware program called "GIMP" and open the files with this program. Then simply re-save them in PSD format and they will open just fine in PSP.


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