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Skin Request (dejawolf...)


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Try here:







All courtesy of RogueSnake, so be sure to thank him. Be advised though, by his own admission they aren't quite as "pretty" compared to Deja's. As for the Cougar, I don't know who made that...

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Sure, that's fine.

The only reason I hadn't uploaded them in our DL section is because I haven't had time to clean them up for public consumption. Messy, a lot of layers that should be merged, or deleted altogether. Just can't get time.

The best thing to do is to not make them messy to begin with... something I'm continuing to work on :redface:

Deja made the Cougar, have to wait for him to see this request for that one.

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On 7/16/2013 at 9:17 PM, Panzer_Leader said:


With the release of 4.0 the Danish skin Arvigna developed for the old M113A1 3D model no longer works.  I notice many of the skins for other Danish vehicles have been updated and look amazing.  Is there anyone who'd like to produce a Danish skin for the new M113A1 using the resources above?  I'll be releasing an updated version of my 'Armoured Infantry Company Attack at Rydsgard 1991' scenario for 4.0 soon and would like to link to the download file and credit it there.

EDIT: Some of the above links no longer work (quite a few do) but here's a couple of extra images:






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9 hours ago, Panzer_Leader said:


Is there anyone who'd like to produce a Danish skin for the new M113A1 using the resources above?  


I'll steal Arvigna's thunder here, since I was already tinkering with an M113 project of my own (putting US and German paint on the G3 so all those scenarios using M113 FO's and Engineers wouldn't turn up in Danish camo.)


Anyway, the amazing texture work is all RogueSnake's. He is a god. I just did some cutting/pasting between his stock A1 and G3 textures, plus a little color correcting. I do this sort of thing a lot for my own use; but I never upload them because the painting is really others' work. But I'll upload this one soon with that caveat, if you like, especially for this mission.

Or, I could send it to you and you could include it in your mission package. Your call.


For purposes of the readme, does the scenario in question take place in a summer/woodland theme? (i.e. the skin goes in the mods/textures/woodland/dk folder, right?)



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Thanks Splash, that looks amazing! Appreciate you investing the time. Yeah, I'd upload it to Downloads with whatever caveats / credits it requires and then I'll link to it from the scenario file. I should publish the updated file for 4.0 in the next week to 10 days (once I've play-tested and published 'Area Reconnaissance at Neustadt am Rübenberge 1989' with Luchs A2 replacing the ASLAV-25 proxy of earlier versions).


Thanks again. I look forward to taking it for a test drive!


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Nice job putting that together Splash.  I plan to start uploading the templates for all the 113's(x6), RG-31, Mi-8, AH-1, MinePlows, Dachs AEV... this weekend.  Maybe Saturday.  Don't know if I'll get them all uploaded by the Sunday, but certainty by sometime next week. 


Like before, they are large files, with a lot of layers.  BUT because of this, you can edit pretty much every part with ease(if you can find it).  Just will take a little longer to figure out how the layers, and layer groups are set up.  And as Splash has figured out, the 113's are all base on the A1 template.  I just keep adding, and taking away from that first template.   So that should make it easier for anyone wanting to make multiple 113 skins.  Not anything special, me doing it like that.  I'd be an idiot if I didn't, but its worth mentioning.


I'm hoping someone will make us some Mi8 skins.  I wanted to, but I was used up.

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I just want to say I think it's very generous of you (and dejawolf) to freely release the detailed templates you used to create professional content for the game. 


I think everyone needs to realize that you don't have to do that. That's above and beyond, and I salute you.

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If any of you talented skin makers would like to take on a project.

I would appreciate if somebody would reskin the T-72CZ M4. to represent the Type-96G in the camo pattern used in SB for PLA/CN forces

Did a bit of research it would be the nearest match.  IMO.


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