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Skin Request (dejawolf...)

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Leo 2A5 GE in 3-color


I have the LEO 2A5 template but the earth and black layers are missing so the unit is only in basic green. I am trying to add the 3-color layers with mixed results. Does anyone have a 3-color template for the 2A5 GE? I updated the rear drive sprocket and removed some of the mud.


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i was curious to see how it would look- the problem with removing armored skirts is that there is typically a stark contrast effect around the tracks- more apparent at lower angles. i suppose it's a matter of whether it's tolerable if the general appearance

not having the skirts is still preferred.



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55 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:

If you remove the skirt does it reduce the armour protection against CE rounds (RPG, HEAT, HESH, etc.) like it should, or is it just a cosmetic change?

Just cosmetic. You are simple fooling with a 2D texture that allows transparency. 

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if i understand what you're looking at, that is, the section of the track above the third road wheel, i don't think it's showing up as transparent- i think it happens to

look that way in that screenshot because of some quirk of the lighting engine or LOD detail rendered that way at that particular angle, i don't recall seeing it consistently. the most consistent part that might be annoying are parts of the track look highlighted when they are normally hidden from view- maybe they can be compensated by using a darker palette, but i'm not sure.

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A user named norrin was down this road before you. 


He seemed to have solved some of the issues relating to the tracks -- judging from his last screenshot -- (plus painted some faux return rollers) but appears to have abandoned the forums since.

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I agree that what appears to be an RAF roundel would seem out of place on the front of any tank -- assuming the user is interested in historical accuracy. Even so, I have seen knowledgeable, respected players paste fanciful VU shoulder patches and markings on skins for their own use. Meh.


What concerns me, however, is that hobbyists offering graphic mods for SB are in very short supply, and their work is largely unappreciated by the majority of the community. 

Rather than comments that can easily be received as ridicule and discouraging, I would prefer to see helpful advice -- especially from one who has so frequently been quick to volunteer valuable assistance to new players in the past.


That being said, personally, I'd rethink the bull's eye on the glacis.  ;)

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17 minutes ago, Breakthrough7 said:

I'll just leave this little custom made gem on the table, and maybe you'll find your way back to me;


Ah so now its owned by the RAAF. :)


But more in line with Splash's comments, as those decals optional?


If they are then it remains of interest as an IDF vehicle.


Personally, I'm not interested as using as a RAAC vehicle since we had the 20Pdr and did not get the 105mm L7 until the new and exciting Leo1s rolled into the barracks in 1973 or thereabouts. Also the Centurions in Aust service had a different Fire Control System and certainly didn't have kill rings on the barrel. Or is that using the newer system that some countries use to identify which unit they belong to?


But if as I say the decals are optional, it will probably be snapped up by people wanting to use it.


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I don't imagine I'll be making anything for public consumption, I'm not trained in graphic design, so my stuff sucks and the only thing I've ever cared about selling is fire support.  With that said I probably see non dress-right-dress vehicle camouflage similarly to how you guys see a-historical vehicle markings.


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