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Skin Request (dejawolf...)


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How about the decals for the M1 Abrams? It's time I learn how to do these, I now have PSP. I wan't to release a redo of the M1A0 Cold War Pack but I have a feeling many people wont upload my stuff because of the decals on the skins. A lot of players just dont want to screw around with copying TIS files and the like.

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One way, though not the easiest, to set up your alpha channel is to create a white on black version of your color decals set up with individual elements. Then go to the channels tab, select the current alpha channel, and delete it. Select the white elements you created, go back to the channels tab and press the "save selection as channel" button on the channels menu (second from the left along the bottom). Once your new alpha channel has been created, you can edit it directly, just like any other layer, to create any blending and damage effects you want.

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Yep, right over my head. Might as well be Chinese. I have decided I hate decals, they are a football bat, a soup sandwich. I will never get the 4 hours back I spent dicking with alpha's and masks. What a hand job! Now as always, the decals will be on the damned model. I appreciate the tips.

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By Kingtiger

You should upload it to SB.com download area. We can do a Skin template area and have it there. that way it never get lost again

Great idea, dejawolf's templates have helped me noend in doing skins etc i have downloaded most and are very helpful, SB.COM download option would be a great option for many, i'm sure, thanks for the templates dejawolf.

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More on the off chance really that, while we wait for v3.0, a 'skinner' might be interested in developing a Danish skin for the M113A1 circa 1991?

I'm putting the finishing touches to a scenario I'll be publishing soon featuring a Danish M113A1-equipped armoured infantry company -- it is hopefully the first of four scenarios over time -- and I'd quite like a Danish skin for it. No other reason really but unfortunately I don't have the ability to do it myself so I thought I'd request it of the community in case someone thought it would make an interesting project...

Here's a picture of one for anyone thinking about it: M113_14stor.jpg


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i can try if you want.

with more photo ..

Hey Arvigna, thanks for this, I really appreciate it! :-D:thumbup:

Below are as many links to photos of Danish M113A1s in this camouflage pattern as I can find and which I think may be helpful:











As you can see, the disruptive pattern is variable so I think you can use your artistic license. I look forward to seeing what you do with it; the WIP screenshot looks great.

Thanks again

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