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SB Scenario Census


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After some recent discussion about scenario design on steelbeasts.com, I’ve scratched together a survey to gauge player preferences for SB ProPE scenarios. The goal is to get a better picture of what the player base likes in the way of scenarios. This can help scenario designers focus on scenarios with broader appeal, if they so choose.

This is a short 10-question survey, with a mix of questions for both single and multi-player scenarios.

Take The Scenario Census Now

One lucky participant will receive the next Steel Beasts ProPE upgrade for free.

The winner will be randomly drawn from all participants and the prize will be delivered whenever the upgrade is available for purchase. I'll also announce the winner on the appropriate threads as well.

One entry per person, please. The survey is set for one response per computer, and duplicate entries will be deleted.

The survey will end on Sunday, June 6th, so get your entry in early.

This survey is not affiliated with eSim Games or steelbeasts.com. It has no effect or bearing on the recent announcement of scenario design contest. Results will be shared on steelbeasts.com, for the benefit of all scenario designers.

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Participation is going quite well on the survey so far - 58 replies as of this morning.

If you haven't taken the time, or just found out, please take a minute to let us know what you like in the way of scenarios, both single and multi-player. Plus, hey, FREE STUFF. :luxhello:

I'm really looking forward to sharing the data with the design community, and I think we'll learn a good deal about where to spend our time.

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Rest assured that your answers haven't blown the curve. :wink:

On that note - just 3 days left to enter the survey. Participation has been good, but we could always use more data.

Drawing/announcement for the prize will be on June 7. Delivery TBD when the announcement regarding release is made. (I'm hearing the date "August 21" from Ssnake in several places, so that may be something to look forward to. :) )

I'll also look into reporting back some conclusions, and posting the raw data for sharing with those that are interested.

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Sorry for the delay, just did mine.

My responses too may skew things as I'm not too worried about the "first person" crew drills part but more the "map centric" approach.

Having said that always good to practice the drills and jump into the Commander's seat. :)

Oh and while the "prize" is an incentive I'd decided to buy the upgrade regardless (as soon as the advanced / pre order pricing is announced).

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You are not alone in that. Several team members have also participated. How the winner chooses to dispense with said prize is up to them. Since this is not affiliated with eSim, employees/volunteers are perfectly eligible. Clearly, if such upgrades are already available gratis to the entrant, the desirability of the prize may be lower, but you may choose to reward some faithful minion or other friend with a gift, use the CD as a coaster, or even frame it as a testament to the value of your opinion.

Trust me, it is pretty easy to spot folks that just wanted a chance at a prize vs. those who put a few minutes of thought into their answers in order to benefit the player community.

Besides, its easier for me to just use my random number generator on the total number of entries, rather than sort out who does/doesn't want the prize! :D

The good news is that the prize has seemed to have at least a some effect on increasing participation, which was its intended purpose.

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Well, the survey is complete! Thanks to all for your time and participation. I think the data gathered will offer some good guidance to those who participate in scenario design and hopefully inspire scenarios that appeal to the broadest possible audience.

We had 79 total entries, with 77 fully completed surveys.

drumroll please... and the winner is...

Singleshot :clap:

Congratulations and thank you for participating! When the new upgrade is announced, you will be provided a copy courtesy of the Scenario Census, delivered right to your door.

Random prize drawing was completed using Random.org.

As far as results go, I'll be working up some quick observations/analyses and I will also post a link here for all to see the raw data. I will try and get that done in the next few days, time permitting.

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