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Red Leop. concluded?


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With this exelent campaing finished(?), I'd like to bring up some "old issues".

I've been off the net for some time (here and in the german community) due to some RL problems.

Those will be fixed beginning from 01jun10.

Therefore I have 2 proposals.


I have one big scenario on the shelf which waits to be run!

Bn size TF against a dug in enemy...focus will be on deploying engineer-support.

Hope we find 20+ players to fight that on some june saturday.


I've got the idea of a different campain setting. Plan is to call out to all VU's what forces they could field under their banner...form a TF of them and fight the evil AI ;-)

Set up should be that no one directly controls more than a half platoon. Maximum in that order would be 4 men i.e. 2 Platoons. VU's that bring 5(and more) men would form 2 platoons + Co (instead of 2 plt + 1 half plt). VU's able to field a complete company should provide an "Xo" for fire- and combat support tasks.

As soon as this BLUE setup is clear...a fitting OPFOR(ai) can be created.

Aim is to give all VU's the chance to "fight" within a bigger scale and to further unit cohesion.

I would set the timeline for this to a start in august or september.


Any comments/questions/ideas on these two issues?



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Yes, Red Leopard is officially concluded -- as Tarball reminded me I was just as much a co-designer of it has he. So let it be known, it is now complete. ;) He stated as such in the RL thread recently, the only real thing we need to do is give out the forum award for the two COs and for the creator, and we want to post the RL rules and info in the SBwiki. The reason for the latter is so that it can be part of the "history" and be referenced and possibly used by other people who want to make a similar campaign in the future (the whole reason for putting campaigns in the SBwiki is the hope that other people will run one using those same rules, or make up their own).

I like both ideas (#1 and #2). The second idea is particularly interesting too, people can play with who they are used to playing with and then collectively help and cooperate with each other on a unit level. It would be almost like real life! :) There are some "independents" / "loners" / "mercs" (including myself) that would of course band together and form a temporary VU for such an occasion, so keep that in mind as well.

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RL is concluded, and good times were had by all. I think there is a one-off day-long campaign in the works from the German players coming up, so stay tuned.

More than anything, it was my hope (and Volcano's) that the Red Leopard prime the pump for more campaigns and more related ideas. That seems to have worked to a degree. It must be said that the seed that sprouted Red Leopard was Operation Variable, so the more multi-part, community-inclusive things that we cook up - things that get us together and get up playing the most-excellent Steel Beasts Pro PE - the better.

As to Grenny's idea #2, I say "hell yes." I really do like Coop. In a pinch, however, you could have Head 2 Red, with a REALLY limited number of RED operators - no more than 3 perhaps. I would LOVE to commit/volunteer to do RED, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have this summer. It certainly gets the gears of the mind turning.

Looking forward to this campaign idea take root.

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I may have something here (at least in terms of a series of linked scenarios) that I can borrow from some trg I'm providing sim spt for.

This consists of 2 AS BG's (1 x Mech, 1 x Mot) leapfrogging each other up and across Puckapunyal range.

The Mech BG has: 1 x Cav Tp (Type 1 and 2 ASLAV), 1 x Armd Sqn (M1), 3 x Mech Coy (M113AS4) and an echelon.

The Mot BG has: 1 x Cav Tp (Type 1 and 2 ASLAV), 1 x Armd Sqn (M1), 3 x Mot Coy (Bushmaster) and an echelon.

As its mainly used for Arty trg, each BG also has a FIST vehicle per CT as well as a UAV (we now call them UAS apparently - System not Vehicle) attached.

The OPFOR as currently scripted is involved in imposing delay but that could always be changed. :)

Does that sound like a basis for something useable?

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