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Loading anomalies with Leopardo 2E


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Any idea what could cause a Leopardo 2E to fail to transfer sabot from

hull to turret?


Stationary, engine off, turret traversed to 5 o'clock.

18 rounds in the hull - at least, that's what I think 0 | 18 means.

Sat still for about two minutes, had to displace, sat still for another couple minutes.

It seemed like the reload kept resetting?? Every second or two it would restate

"Reloading sabot 0 | 18" but the numbers never shifted.

The crowning weirdness - their last M1 finds me. He's out of ammo too, or his gun's

busted or something. We zigzag toward each other, hammering away with the 7.62.

He gets on the .50 and shoots out one of my tracks, then closes in trying to .50 me

to death.

Suddenly I have four DM53 rounds available that weren't there when the engagement began. I haven't even been stationary, I'm hobbling around trying to get my front armor onto him.

Why wouldn't this tank transfer ammo when it should have, and why did it suddenly transfer

ammo when it shouldn't have? Bug?

(It's not certain that it's a bug; the things I don't know about reloading could fill at least a couple pages.)

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Very strange indeed. Was this during a Network Session or a Offline Session? Did you see it during TGIF last Friday or is it something you just recently witnessed? I ran an offline controlled test on the Leo 2E reload from 0 rounds and nothing strange happened, but then again it was a controlled test and not something happening in the chaos of combat.

It sounds like it was in fact reloading, and the reloading got interrupted in the move, as a couple of minutes is about what it would take to transfer 4 rounds. On the other hand, do you know if you selected "reload all"? This command works, but sometimes it reloads an ammo type that is not being displayed at the bottom, so that it might show an ammo type in the bottom that appears unchanged, while another type of ammo or weapon system is being reloaded. One example is, the coax might be reloading and the maingun rounds won't reload until the coax is finished reloaded. I have no idea how the "reload all" decides which weapon or ammo type to reload first, I just figured that it might be a factor here with the apparently unchanging number (for example, it might have said "reloading DM12 0 | X" while it was reloading DM55). The best thing to do in this regard is to always pick the exact round type you want to reload if you have to do it in haste -- but I am not saying that you didn't do it this way, just something to keep in mind.

Other than that, we will keep an eye out for this...

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It was a network session, and I don't remember what I selected for reloading the first time. Probably Reload All. (I had fired nothing but sabot - DM53, I think it was - so assumed it wouldn't matter.)

After that, I did specifically order Reload DM53 to see if it would make a difference.

The green Reloading message was being spammed heavily - I wish I'd written the exact values down because they'd probably tell us something, I think it was...

Repeat Reloading message three times, instantaneously

Nothing for 2-3 seconds

over and over again.

I'll get the scenario out and see if I can reproduce this, but of course it probably won't happen when I want it to. :P

(I was genuinely out of 120 ammo, too. I was in the gunner's hole when the last round fired...there's no mistaking that awful silence where the reloading noises usually are. Also, I was in the external view for quite a while with the turret pointing right at this other tank, about 400m out; if there had been rounds available the AI gunner should have zapped him easily.)

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This thing has happened to us on network sessions several times.

The thing is that your ammo is being reloaded although the counter it is not updated.

I have discovered that even if the counter read 0 if you stop the reloading with the reload command, then you have avalaible the ammo you have just loaded.

This only happened to me in large network sessions. Not sure about other tanks since we mostly play with the 2E although the Pizarro had sometimes a similar although slightly different issue.

I think it is just a mattter of the counter being updated in time, but thankfully your ammo is ready to use.

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