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How many times should I lase a moving target?


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Hi again,

How many times should I lase a moving target before hitting the P key and starting dynamic lead tracking?

The matter is that I find myself using too much time to get correct LRF values before dynamic leading the target.

So can I hit the P key and proceed to dynamic lead immediately after having the very first constant (not blinking multiple return) LRF value and GPS crosschair over the target?

I am learning in Leopard 2A5.

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Wrong way, you first have to get the dynamic lead (2 to 3 seconds) then lase while keeping dynamic lead pressed, then fire.

Thats it!

Thanks for explanation trying it out now.

By the way what is considered to be the normal engagement time of one moving target in Leo2A5 (from TC designation command to target destruction)? I managed to reach 12.5 seconds so far.

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In SB. I spend most of the time lasing and leading further targets. I can hit an APC within seconds, but spend more time on tank targets as aim at the turret bottom trying to detonate the autoloader immediately.

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I guess that such performance may be achieved only by somewhat sniper gunners who always manage to kill even the most difficult target with a single shot. Cause if you miss you have to reload, renew the dynamic lead, lase and shoot again and that takes a lot of time.

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