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Tournament "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE" propossal.


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In name of the 3er Regimiento Acorazado Tizona I have the pleasure to invite all the Virtual units or individual crews to take part on the Tournament "There can be only one"


This Tournament was played for the first time last year by the Spanish Steel Beasts comunity members and we had great fun and challenges with it and now for this year edition we are extending the invitation to all of you interested on participating.

The purpose of the tournament is quite simple. To determine Who is the best tank crew!!!

The tournament is based on the combat between two Leopard 2E tanks multicrewed (tank Commander and Gunner), in an specific scenario already designed for the Tournament and where the primary objective will be the destruction of the enemy human controlled tank and as a secondary objective, the destruction of the of the enemy AI vehicles.

The maximum duration of the mission will be 60 minutes.

On this tournament the best combination of audacity, hunter skills, marksmanship and battlefield control would provide the victory to the best coordinated crew.

Tankers would be forced to move and hunt valuable (points) AI vehicles, while on the same map another foe human leopard is looking for the same.

Victory conditions for each match are simple:

Kill the other human leopard

or in case no human leopard is killed:

the winner would be the one with maximum score on the ai vehicles.

As I mentioned we already played this tournament last year and it was organized based on our numbers at tha time. 8 people that is 4 tanks.

We have still not decided yet how to "size" the tournament and the duration of it since this would depend on the number of people enlisted on it.

Last year each tank crew had one combat against one of the other tank crews per week, and the appointments were organized via forum by the combat crews themselves to accomodate it to their schedules.

Was not really complicated.

The minimum requirement is that each crew was able to play one match at leats every two weeks. Optimal would be one match per week. Day and hour to be agreed with the other "enemy" crew

If you are interested in learning more I am enclosing here for you to download the:

Tournament Rules and score system in pdf

And if you want to get a better idea how it was last year, I am enclosing here the scenario where we played last year Tournament (now without password so you can also open it on editor. For the official tournament the new scenario would be passworded)

Download the Scenario Tournament "There can be only one" 2009

It you wonder where does this name of the tournament comes: There can be only one, hehe it comes from the movie HIGHLANDER


Where at the end of the tournament there can be only one alive (winner), in our case, one tank.

Each crew would have to name their tank so it will be the tank who will participate on the tournament.

Here it is how it was last year roster with each tank with its name and its crew:

Carros y Tripulaciones alistados

Tripulacion Carro 1 AFRICANUS:



Tripulacion Carro 2 TIZONA



Tripulacion Carro 3 ASHUPAL'LA



Tripulaciom Carro 4 ALEX "EL MAGNO"



A la espera de asignar:



There are still some issues to close and decide but those would be based upon the number of people enrolled on this tournament.

Once again, we welcome all Virtual units and individuals (they must come as a crew of 2) to take part on this tournament and determine who is the best tank crew of 2010.

If you are interested or want to learn more, just pots it here or you are also very welcome to visist our forum Tournament area Tournament Area. 3er Regimiento Acorazado Tizona.

No fear :debile2:

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Awesome, if only one could last 60 mins online....

60 minutes is the maximum time for a combat. if players do not move the scenario will end in 30 minutes.

However it will win the one that has killed more Ai vehicles (Aka, making noise and revealing his possition)

However campers would have not much future since points would have a relevant influence in outcome so just sitting and waiting for somebody to show up un your sight simply does not work here. :debile2:

last year a combat usually averaged between 30 to 45 minutes.

Only one time the human tanks didn't found each other and the scenario ended by the 60 minutes trigger.


Nice to hear!!! :)

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Good idea! When do you plan to take applications, and actually start the tournament?

We are already taking applications so you can post here the name of your tank, yes you have to name it :biggrin: and the crew members.

The start date has not been decided yet depedeing on several factors, mostly we do need to know the number of people enlisted on the tournament and prepare the rosters and other stuff in our page.

The map is also on the works.

By the way I could use a hand with a very skilled screnario creator that commands the scoring system. Last year we were unable to make it work on the ma and we end up doing the scoring manually after each combat :confused:

If anyone is willing to help on that subject, he is more than welcomed.

If all goes OK and the interested people enlist fast with their tank name and crew roster, I think we can start this Tournament in 10 to 15 days.

Most of the job is already done :biggrin:

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I have been suggested to allow teams to use a different MTB other than the Leopard 2E (Leo 2A5, M1A1..) since some people is more confortable with other tanks other than the Leo 2E.

Although the initial idea was to test the crew level using same equipment and in our Virtual Unit we use the Leo 2E as our main mount and we used it alone for last year's tournament, we may consider changing this issue provided most people is confortable with it.

I would like to know your oppinion about allowing teams to go to the Tournament and selecting their own Tank model.

Of course we would have to balance the ammunition in order to give them a similar "destructive performance" but this can be esasily done.

So the question is. Would you prefer a Tournament just with the Leo 2E or you would prefer to be able to choose your own tank Type?

Choosing one tank type would be one time option while enlisting for the tournament, not a choice for every match.

I am still in time to add such modification to the tournament scenario and rules.

Your call.

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Yes, after some consultation with some colleagues and verifying that it is possible to create a single version of the scenario that would allow this choice, I am happy to announce that Teams would be able to choose their type of tank when enlisting for the Tournament.

They must stick to that type during the whole Tournament.

In order to balance things this would be the tanks ammunition loadout:

Leopard 2E:

(KE) CL3143 8/15.........(MZ) Slsgr 95 7/12

Leopard 2A5:

(KE) DM53 (L44) 8/15...........(MZ) Slsgr 95 7/12

Leopard 2A4:

(KE) DM53 (L44) 8/15...........(MZ) Slsgr 95 7/12

Strv 122:

(KE) DM53 (L44) 8/15...........(MZ) Slsgr 95 7/12

M1A1 (HA):

(KE) M829A3 8/15...........(MZ) M830A1 7/8

All the tanks would have Multi-spectral smoke grenades

Please when registering, report the tank type of your choice.


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Welcome aboard Gopher. :)

Besides your teammate name you also have to let us know the "name" of your tank so we can make the full registration on the Tournament roster.

I am glad you join us on this event! :)

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Volcano and I are in, haven't decided the name of the tank yet.

This is great Sean. Welcome both.

As fro the registration on the roster we need:

Tank name and type.

Crew name

and if you belong to any Virtual unit, its name or in case not, it is no problem. Just let us know.


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As member of Tizona, I can say that this tournament was amazing last year. Combats are so hard and any movement counts.

Crews must be very compenetreted so as to be able to answer any alert, any noise...it´s great.

Join us in this funny tournament.

You will regret...

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