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If your dongle is not working, please read this


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Try installing this: http://www.wibu.de/files/cm3_20b/CodeMeterRuntime32.exe

Its the latest codemeter runtime.

Insert dongle into new Vista Quad core machine - lights green, then green/red flash, then off. Machine won't detect dongle whichever USB port I use.

I put it back into old P4 running XP - no problem, works fine.



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Well with that monstrous machine:eek2: you I guess you can dig deep.

4 Gigs of RAM I assume you started to build the machine with Vista in Mind. Is that 4 Gigs with 4 1Gig sticks or twin 2Gig sticks? I thought once I was going for Vista but after knowing that its recommended RAM size is 4 Gigs...I prefer running the old trustee XP with 2Gig instead. Damn memory hogger.

Why use multiple 8500GTs instead one more powerful 8600GTX or 8800GT?

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Recently bought a laptop for entertainment purposes (music, film, etc) and thought I'd give it a try to install my SB Pro PE on it. I unfortunately run Vista 32 bit, but I´m willing to give it a go.

As i have installed the game and put my dongle in a USB-port, the dongle starts blinking and after a while it goes "dead" (neither red or green light). The computer finds the stick but I can't start the game.

I know this is a n00b-post, but I'm not especially good at this stuff and I hope that someone can help me get my SB up and running.

I tried to disable Norton, doesnt help.



It was a long time ago that I installed the game and the dongle on my stationary XP-computer, it works fine on it and I have never had to work with the dongle since then. This makes me a lousy dongle-operator and added the fact that I'm not good at computers in general, I really need your help!

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Please read the FAQ. Its a announcement at the top of this forum. It has step by step directions for installing, and has links to the correct codemeter drivers. Don't forget to uninstall the old codemeter drivers and reboot before trying new ones.

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Hi all

I was wondering if those reading the forum could help in my minir problem.

About 10 days ago my dongle gave up the ghost and stopped working.

With help from Nils I recieved my new dongle and within the week I was back up and running.

The only slight problem is that I had an extra 5 PE licenses on the old stick and I think I require the invoice number for Nils to reactivate them.

My question is this: apart from on an email, which I have no doubt long discarded, is there anywhere else where this info is stored.

Alternativley can anyone remember what year they were first put on sale I believe arond christmas time at $10.00 per extra license. I would maybe be able to trace proof of payment then.

yours hopefully


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Yeah, contact me by email. I have found your original purchase in our database. If you could tell me WHEN you bought those additional licenses, or with which email address (not your standard address, as far as I can tell), that would probably give me enough of a clue to find the invoice. If I can't find your invoice and if you don't have it any longer, things will get a bit more difficult.

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Funny that isnt it. I did back up my stick. If your codemeter stick is replaced your old licenses will not transfer to a new stick. As Ssnake pointed out to me, to be able to transfer licenses between sticks kinda defeats the point of having the individual sticks in the first place.

If I am wrong about this please feel free to educate me further, however by just backing up, it wont be the answer to all your potential problems.


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Backups can still help though if there is recoverable damage with your stick, and registration helps against theft. So, it still makes sense to do both.

argh hi guys

i have a big problem here.after weeks i thought i can play sbpro again so i start the exe but nothing happens.now i checked my dongle and i saw left there is nothing on the stick left just 1 file name CM-Stick.now i think i have pushed the wrong button or something.i have no backup from the stick :(

i bought the game here in germany at www.okaysoft.de and i have ordered the new patch there too.plz help me.how can i get a backup of the dongle ?

greets gunny

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ich muss blind sein,finde die email addresse nicht.

ich bin am verzweifeln.habe mir dir codemeter software runtergeladen.komme aber nicht ins web menue wegen dns fehler oder so.kann es sein das ich nicht auf den stick zugreifen kann ,weil ich noch einen dvbt stick habe mit epg der auf auf den befehl local host reagiert ? habe ie8 ohne sonstige spielereien und ich gehe per dfü ins netz.ich habe gesehen das der codemeterstick backups anlegt aber diese haben ein format das die neuste software nicht lesen kann. :frown: :confused:

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I also have the flashing red to green dongle. It worked fine for months. I unplugged it (I keep it stored it in its case and in a safe place) for awhile then I plugged it back in and it is now a unknown device??? :mad3:

So I guess I need to send mine in to?? :mad3:

If so is this were I should send it??

eSim Games

PO Box 4443

Mountain View, CA 94040


What info do I need to send in with it???


I sent my dongle to this address(it kept flashing green and red, so it was obviously broken), but it got returned to sender today, as the address wasn't valid anymore. ("Has moved, and has left no new adress") What is the new address I should send it to?

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