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Gentlemen here is the actual TOURNAMENT SCOREBOARD


This would be updated everytime we validate a new match score

And here is the official TOURNAMENT ROSTER


Note. Some people and tanks has not been included on the Roster since they have not fullfilled all the requested registry data.

In case you have been left out from the Tournament but want to take part, this is your last chance.

Drop me a mail before the Tournament starting date 15th June to the Tournament admin mail adress (You can find it on the Tournament Rules that you can dowload FROM HERE ).

Note to a moderator. Can we make this post sticky so I just have to upgrade the new information and scores when it is needed?

Edited by Furia

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The Tournament has started. New scores would be added to the scoreboard at the time the combat results are validated.

Stay tunned with this thread to know about the actual scores of the Tournament.

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And courtesy of E-Sims and specially from RogueSnake79 (Thanks a lot!!)

At the end of the Tournament, those people who has completed the Tournament by playing all their assigned combats, would be entilted to wear this ribbon (on smaller size of course ;) )


And of course the winners would have an "special version" for them.

The ribbons would be awarded once the Tournament is finish by 15th September.

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