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Upcomming Sever and SB test


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We had experienced quiete high drop rates for larger scenarios.

In order to find the reason for that we are plannung to conduct a server test at

031900Bjul10...or 1900 central european time on july the 3rd.

For those who participate: It would be nice if you could download a small logfile script written by erazor.

(can be found here: http://www.steelbeasts.org/forum/showthread.php?t=4160 )

If you drop out of the test...just run the programm, and this will send us the given log file.

Planned conduct:

19:00 meet at TS

19:00-19:15 briefing on the test

19:15-19:45 Test of the Scenario in the following order:

german participants > start

then run the log script for all drop outs

european participants > start

then run the log script for all drop outs

all participants > start

then run the log script for all drop outs

We hope to find the problem this way and hope that will give us or e-sim a chance to fix it.

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typo in the headline :-/
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No, the TS3's domain-name is simply steelbeasts.org instead of the IP- address.

For the little program you need the .net framework installed, if it won't start. The program uses the sb-created logfile, adds the information you add in the mask and uploads it via ftp to our steelbeasts.org server. We only need the logfiles from people who dropped out. After the test, I will give Ssnake all the files and eSim came begin to search the error, if there is one.

I think this test will help the whole community so I would be happy if enough people participate an Saturday. It should be as short as possible, maximum time will be 1 hour.

For further questions ask me.

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I just wanted to thank everybody who showed up.

Esp. thanx to Sean for letting us double check with his server, to see if it was "distance related".

Whe didn't manage to produce drops...so no log files :-(

On the plus side: As far as I know our "jerkiness" problem with the new server setup is now solved.

Anyway...those who downloaded the log file script may just use it if there is a drop during one of the next (bigger) games. Maybe it will help e-sim to improve the netcode.

best regards...

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Just for your information:

As you might know we have set up the new Server with new hardware (a nvidia 250 with a 1024MB RAM, 4GB RAM and a better prozessor).

Since the RemoteDesktop from Windows is allowing the the use with 3D applications since Windows7 (Server2008) we gave it a try but the use of the RDP and a 3D Application was the reason for the painfull behavior with dipping and "jumping" in the 3d view. Since we changed that to a different way for the administration of the server, we have no jumpings and dipping anymore during our own sessions (up to 15-20 people). So, to a later named day, we will retry the Servertest and see if the new Hardware givs us a better performance and if we can avoid the user dropping after session start.



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