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First Big Mish!

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SB Pro PE arrived this past Tuesday! Outstanding SIM! After honing the skills with the tutorials all week, and 2 small battles yesterday, I ran my first full on sim(no resets, start-overs, or pauses for me). Wanted it to run just like a real Op.

PzGren Assault. winter

Difficulty: Medium

Realism: High

Mission Time: 300+ Minutes.

Got HAMMERED by Arty immediately after leaving the first phase line! I think it was blue on blue, inadvertantly triggerd by the CO(some numbnuts call sign... Dräger)! 2/4 Panzers down the first few minutes of the operation! Alternating 2 Panzers in repair at least 50% of the time, and with medics piecing back together my Kommanders non stop. Post battle casualty report 0 loses on panzers(0/4), 5/21 APCs out of action, my infantry however, were utterly decimated. 94% casualties for my poor PzGrenadiers!

my reinforcements never released...

With overall forces bitterly depleted, an extensive recce was called for, prior to carrying out the last big push up NorthEast. Giving time for vehicles all repaired, those that could. A second staging area was required for a quik re-org. Unfortunately no resupply available. Assault force moves from the re-org area, inflicting heavy enemy losses initally, then Soviet artillery answers. Heavy casualties througout friendly lines. All available forces that could move or shoot are once again mustered at a add hoc staging area, just short of a second oncoming enemy counterattack! All internal reserves(from my original assault force) are committed, flanks unsecure!

The last big counterattack was insane! Felt like I was back in Irag, no joke the MG rounds, explosions and ricochets, with Arty all came down to the final few meters! The intensity of the machine gun fire the final minute of the battle... similar to actual intense firefights, when you have to stop and just think a split second "My god thats a lot of machine gun fire"..., Too bloody close to real combat! I found myself thinking 'ok calm down man, do it smooth and easy'... reload, aquire, squeeze... next target! I honestly felt 1/2 panicked during final few seconds, I thought surely they would break though the remnants of my pathetic Kampfgruppe any second, surely this can't be happening I thought, total defeat the last few yards it cant be.......then VICTORY! Mission complete!

I managed to find my 2 down Leo's were repaired only minutes before their second massive counterattack(they'd been down for about 80minutes. ! "Enemy tanks approaching" My only AT capabilites 6 HEAT in recently repaired Pz 2/Alpha, the 4th panzer also just repiared with only 8KE!! Both primary sights down, running strictly on backup and daysights. All other tanks and AFV's down to HE cannon or MG only for the last 45min! Arty saved the day!

For some reason none of my reinfocing units released, which made the situation even more desperate.. or if they did the last few minutes were so desperate I couldnt maintain awareness of my rear areas.

300 minutes plus, thank god I wasnt actually hoofing it with my kit on for this one!

Great sim gentlemen. I'll be staying in scenerios a while I have much to learn, before Online Multiplay!




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Glad you liked it. :)

BTW, you could post just a section of that screenshot. That way you maintain large enough text and at the same time you stay within the limits of ordinary people's screens.

You may want to beef up that scenario in the mission editor by giving the Blue side one recovery vehicle. It would be there according to force template anyway, it's just that the M88 wasn't available at the time when the scenario was in the making.

Oh, yeah: You'll need the beta version for this, of course.

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