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SB Pro PE 2.5x - News

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That Sce. i was gonna enter for the competition is gonna have to wait for the new add-on,its gonna open up a whole new world.

Btw,wtf is up w/ the fire ext. on the front of the Chall.2?kinda a bad spot?lol,found it kinda amusing.

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Yes. That's why I posted the video. It doesn't always have to be screenshots. :)

Some questions pls:

* What will be the use of these delapitated buildings ?

* And the explosion at 1:30: is it a new type of airstrike (jdam) ?

thx, Koen

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A quick question.

With the new development software to speed up designing new vehicle models (and scenery?) is it likely that a number of vehicles will be designed in the short term after the release of this upgrade, and if so will they be released free of charge between this and the next upgrade?

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easy, place a route with the IED at the end, set the ied to go off when the vehicle reaches the last way point. You could also set up multiple IED's along the route with if/or statements to randomize the attack in different locations . It will take some testing to make it line up, but it works for UAV's and simulated air strikes, don't see why it will not work for VBIED's

Hmm but the enemy (= the player) would have to cooperate since if you simply moved your vehicles to a position not anticipated by the scenario developer (or arrived not on time) the VBIED would blow up in the wrong place (or at the wrong time). I think at some point some kind of "seeking" behaviour would be needed where the VBIED entities would go after the enemy on their own.. (headless kamikaze style ;))

I wouldn't place this request too high on The List though..

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VBIEDs only make sense once that you can identify them either through specific intelligence (for which we need more variety in cars and colors), e.g. a light blue delivery van with yellow writing on the left side, or if it shows aberrant behavior (for which we need some autonomous behavior for cars in the first place; currently they can only follow scripted routes - that's not really suitable for scenarios involving VBIEDs).

Also, keep in mind that in a combat vehicle you only have lethal means of response. It would be desirable to be able to signal a suspicious car to stop. At the moment, the civilian cars are there to just create clutter in the target environment and enforce proper identification procedures.

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OH, MY GOD!!!!

My dream eventually comes true! :eek2:

I'm so glad about the T-55 coming up now!

Thank you, this is just great!

And I also like the other upcoming vehicles, especially the challenger 2, the T-72b (if this one is new and seperated from our "good old friend" the T-72M1) and those civilian cars for European scenarios (wich should not be forgotten I think).

And because of beeing a bit older, they can be implemented into late cold war scenarios (or shortly after 1991) and also for typical conflicts we are experiencing at the time in different countries.

And these new buildings are looking great. They will bring diversity to our cities.

Man, this sounds terrific!

So, nice work! Never quit!

Thank you!

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