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Challenger will be playable right?

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I guess it never will be as UK isnt buying Steel Beasts to train with.

Maybe this is our secret plot to convince the MoD that it might be worth it to reconsider their attitude.

WRT to you expecting something more substantial - well, like you wrote. You haven't been in touch for a while, so you may have missed everything else. On the front page of this website is a video, might be worth 6:30 of your lifetime.

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I think the inclusion of the CR2 is a very good move on the part of E-Sim. It is just a case of getting those who have a voice that can be listened to persuaded. I am fairly sure following the defence review that a larger emphasis will be placed on simulated training rather than track on mud. This may be E-Sim's opportunity to put more info in the direction of the G7 Trg people at DRAC, DInf and EinC(A) and DRA...

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