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SimHQ SB PRO PE Mission Making Contest

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Thx guys... I understand, first time I tried to organize one of these, learned alot.

All 4 missions were just zipped and shared, I canceled the contest so no official winner, but all winners in my book... We did offer each participate the new upgrade for free anyway as a thank you. (e-mail going out to the 3).

Thanks again.... lessons learned.

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Contest over... cancelled, only 3 submissions... guess you were right Tacbat, lol.

Wish I hadn't been in this case. :(

Hopefully the new release will result in more people taking a look at the mission editor. Being a small community to begin with, the number of capable scenario designers is smaller yet again. It doesn't take much to burn one's self out making a mission, especially a complex one, so it's no surprise that few missions are built and released into the wild.

Personally, I find that I struggle coming up with the initial idea. After that, things roll along fairly smoothly.

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