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Control Yoke: Any Information?


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I never built one because a regular joystick works fine for me. Yes, the spring setup looks less than satisfactory.

Another possible route is to begin with a steering wheel controller as a base. You would have the problem of centering one of the axis solved and you would also get the electronics and software out of the way too.

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I build thies things for fun.This one is for my friend Gofer.:)

They said that Steel Beasts could not take two joysticks.

But I built one.Photo below.:biggrin:

It took some time,sottering,building a c board.Placing all the

bottons in the wright place.A verry fun project.

Using the key board Sucks.Now I am lost with out it.

The second stick is only for driving.

My first stick is turrent duties.



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Thank`s Quagmire:biggrin:

You're very welcome, hope they prove useful. :)

Like you, I've been considering something similar, but I need someone with access to a metal-shop to fabricate the parts. I would like a controller with the SW yoke control but with more 'grip' buttons and perhaps several push-buttons or toggle switches on the base unit itself. One day... ;)

This guy has taken a slightly different route with the torsion springs found in the SW yoke, although it may not be of the same standard. Hard to tell: http://arcadecontrols.com/arcade_joey.htm

At the top of the page he even supplies web links to the parts suppliers/manufacturers.

EDIT 1: Another SW yoke link, and this one provides a lot more technical info on the setup of the potentiometers for example: http://arcadecontrols.com/arcade_jude.shtml

EDIT 2: Yet another yoke strip-down, with even more pics: http://wiki.arcadecontrols.com/wiki/Yoke_Rebuild

EDIT 3: Some more pics - and these are large close-ups: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=103507.0

Question - does anyone know where to get a good pair of grip handles? I've found these on a US site but I was wondering if anyone knew of other models, perhaps with more buttons etc.? http://www.happ.com/joysticks/50250800.htm



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