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how do I stop my infantry dismounting?and make them remount?

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New to this. When Im using m2a2's I send them to overwatch . All the infantry dismount. Then It takes ages gettingthemto re mount before I can move the unit again. surely theres a way to stop dismounting?

IS there a hot key to cause a remount ? dont dismount? I cant see one in the menue. At the momen tI have to jump to the map. zoom in so I can find teh M2a2's amongst the infantry and then jump in the platoon so I have access to the menu that has remount. Its a pain and theres got to be some way easier.

Hope someone can help.

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Shift + U to remount.

I believe a second press of the U key will overide the automatic remounting behavior for that PC if you try to drive away and get stuck by the troops coming back to the PC.

In the lower right hand side by the Tank clock is your vehicle icon . You can give commands to each of your infantry teams by right clicking there and I think you can dismount them separately also using it

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Is there a way to stop them dismounting in the first place? If I set waypoints the vehicles stop, dismount , ( which I dont want ) when I want them to move forward they leave the infantry behind.

Is there a way that I can stay in my tank and give orders to my IFV's withought having to jump to them and micromanage them all the time?

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