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unmanned scout vehicle from old video and 2.5 abrams q


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just getting back to SB but waiting for new 2.5 before committing haha.

curious, i remember seeing a video way back that had a deployable remote control vehical with like a telescoping camera on it to check over ridge lines etc before going hull down. what vehicle had this and is it still in the game? looked like a fun toy to mess with.

also, with 2.5, are they finally adding updated abrams or are they still a decade behind haha! i saw screen shots that looked like they might be new or tusk versions but i cant tell.

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Re your question about the UGV - it's carried with the CV90 (though it has to be "given" to the vehicle/squad by the scenario designer). There's keypresses to deploy it and it's "viewed" via the deployed infantry squad (F2 and F3 keys).

Actually in the Mission Editor (in 2.483 at least) you can give it to any "PC" (APC or IFV) unit .

Just create the unit and then "UGV" is listed as an option.

However, AFAIK, the CV90 is the only unit that has them in "Real Life".

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