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SB Pro PE 2.538 - Parts 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Posted and Rel Notes

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From these I read about the FO90 vehicle but didn't see anything about the M113 FO vehicle that was going to have similar functionality.

Did it make it in?

Yes. Probably an oversight on my end. It's so inconspicuous.

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A very pleasant read !

Some quick remarks:

* Wiesel is not mentioned amongst non-playable veh

* "Vehicles will now automatically move towards the troops

that they are loading (if beyond approximately 25 meters)":very helpful !

Thx, K

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There's mention about T-72M, Wiesel 1/TOW and 2/TOW... Is this correct?

No. There's JUST the Wiesel 1/TOW (I don't think a TOW variant of the Wiesel 2 exists). But anyway - thanks for the heads-up, I corrected the one or other entry and added a new paragraph to the release notes. An updated version will eventually replace the current one.

The T-72M was mentioned in the old document already, but I added the M113A3/FO (Viking) to the list and moved the M1A2(SEP) to the list of non-playable vehicles.

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Greetings all,

In post one (1) the links are for rar parts [9,8,7,6.] and then listed again in post 19 are rar parts [6,7.] again.

Are these to be "overwritten" into the same file location? Do they have additional or different info? Or just a duplicate set of entries?

-- yes I know you can "add" aditional info to a single rar file in this way, just wondering is this one of those situations or somthing different.

Some that are new to the rar format system may not know and it may be somewhat confusing to them.



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