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SB Pro PE 2.538 - Parts 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Posted and Rel Notes

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Simulated suspension sounds cool in theory, in reality, you might find you have to turn something like that off. The screen is bouncing, but you're firmly planted in your chair. That sort of thing can be disorienting, it might even give you motion sickness.

As opposed to a gunner's sight which is all but stationary, whilst the tank seat you're in is being thrown up and down or spun around? Occupational hazard of tanking, just adds to the realism.


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As opposed to nothing- or at least not opposed to your scenario. You're talking real life, I'm talking about simulation or representation. At least in the real thing there are environmental cues and sensory data, and furthermore, you don't have a choice in it. A two dimensional screen does not represent the feeling of motion, just like a shadow is a crude representation of the object that casts it, there is a lot of detail and information lost. On the computer screen, It's as if the outside world is bouncing up and down and you're stationary, rather than the other way around. Some might argue philosophically these are the same propositions, but I don't think so. It's missing momentum, inertia, forces actually acting on your body for better or for worse. A view through the scopes is one thing- full panoramic view represented by a flat screen monitor is another entirely. Only track IR support might come closer to simulate the world around you, but you're still missing environmental cues, for example, your head continuing to move or snap in one direction while the vehicle changes direction and moves off in another.

You are correct, it's more realistic in the sense that a pitching and bouncing vehicle would be disorienting, but in the artificial environment it won't happen the same way, and there are artificial ways around it away. If I get that woozy feeling without a greater degree of realism, I wonder if the compromise is worth it. Real ways of combating motion sickness won't work either- none other than just stop looking at the screen for a while, which isn't 'realistic'.

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So should we then have a bouncing seat to sit on with the fixed screen representing the stabilised gunners sight?

Another use for one of those Butt Kicker things.

No. Both the seat and sight eye piece are usually fixed (sometimes the seat is sprung).

However you move around because both are bolted to the gyrating turret.

What you are looking at though is static because the view is stabilised (unless things are damaged).

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Ssnake, will it be available on Thursday

I HOPE, but seriously, I know about as much as you do at this point. A certain server, somewhere in the US, needs to be equipped with a special CodeMeter stick, and I don't know how fast Wibu Systems will get to do that. It could be today, or tomorrow, or next week. Hopefully not the latter.

We definitely don't plan with timezone accuracy here. I'll be happy if it is still Thursday somewhere on this planet so I can still claim that my prediction came true. Ideally it would be Thursday morning, GMT+12, but that's not very likely.

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Not away yet, too busy ... who said being retired was easy? Friends have escalted the request, now they want us to take thier son down with us... nothing like pressure :)

There are a few "sims" updating tomorrow, ARMA2 has the UK update, Ship Sim has thier extreme edition coming out too, there was a third one but can't remember what it was.... steel something I think? :biggrin:

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It could be today, or tomorrow, or next week. Hopefully not the latter.

Bugger. I uninstalled my current version last night in anticipation of today's release. :(

Oh well, time to reinstall... By the way, what file holds all the key commands and joystick settings?



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It has a coastguard cutter .....

My family has had a long association with ships and the sea, starting with my great....great grandfather in 1739, he was an engineer in Dennys ship yard and someone from my family has worked for Dennys until they closed in the 1960s.

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Actually, and not to put a negative spin on all of this, I really don't care much. We'll get it when we get it, not before. We can't control it, and have no influence over it, so I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride. I'm pretty sure that it will eventually arrive, and that it will be worth the wait. Too bad the advertised release date wasn't met, but these things happen and then you move on.

Now, where's my "Tanks" scenario...! :gen004:

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The ship sim was delayed until tomorrow, ARMAII BAF has just finished downloading :) so I'm off to give it a try

Getting into the warrior did a few things for me.

1. Pressing F8 does not give you external view!

2. Trying to override your gunner to help targeting doesn't work

3. Popping smoke (pressing tab) doesn't work either!

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i dont care either!
Actually, and not to put a negative spin on all of this, I really don't care much.

Well, the release can't come quickly enough for me! ;)

After uninstalling it from my laptop in anicipation of the upgrade I can no longer find the CD to reinstall it in the meantime! :(

It's the upgrade or nothing.

Oh well, back to waiting...

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