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City Builders Rejoice.

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No, try the first hit on Google.


* Just above the entrance (where the highway leaves the ground), you can see a damaged traffic sign that should read "CAREFUL," but on which the 'C' and 'L' have faded away to display "AREFU."

* Arefu is a small village in Romania, most well known for its proximity to the former castle of Vlad Tepes, AKA "Dracula" and "Vlad the Impaler".

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You should upload that ter. file

I'm about to do that right now. I guess a thing like this is never going to be 100% ready but it's useful enough as it is - I hope - so I can share it without feeling too bad about it.

One question though - I made changes to the theme to create just the right kind of crop and veggie fields. Are these changes saved within the terrain file or do I have to upload something else too like the saved theme? I did not draw any new textures, I found what I wanted was already in the game. Thanks in advance.

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