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Contended battelfields ideas?

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Anyone have ideas to simulate a contended battlefield? I'm talking about burning buildings, abandonded and burning vehicles (IIRC we can set a vehicle as destroyed, but how can I add a smoke column?), maybe craters... So when you start your mission you can feel you're crossing a area that already hosted some battles, a real contended battlefield.

Also, anyone know how to simulate the smoke covered skies that allied forces encountered in Kuwait after Saddam starte to burn oil fields?


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Well, as far as I know :

=>burning buildings

preplot some arty fire or Ieds under the house at the beginning of the mission, that should do the trick

=>abandonned vehicle

you can eventually simulate by setting the max damage, blind and no fuel, but allied vehicles will engage them whithout mercy.

=>burned out vehicle

Set the status as destroyed, sometimes they burn, sometimes, they dont

=>smoked covered sky

you may decrease visibility and select a heavy cloudy day sky, that not smoke though...

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Reduce the visibility, select a cloudy or night sky texture, set sceanrio time to dawn/dusk or even night.

AI will not engage civilian vehicles automatically but remember, enemy civilian vehicles that are not set to blind will constantly report your position when you are visible to them, resulting in you getting arty for breakfast.

All vehicles placed in an sce can be set as destroyed which leaves a smoking hulk.

Buildings require varying amounts of damage (HE, Arty)to begin to smoke.



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one idea I have is to repaint one of the terrain textures to a bombcrater. then use a theme where this one is rare (one square here and there) and the settings for the theme will be wadi or snow maybe with allot of drag to slow vehicles down to simulate kreeping into a bombcrater.

Have to be tested :)

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