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Is there an optimal mission legnth?


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I'm getting back into using the mission editor and have a basic general mission plan in mind...... All the normal stuff... Minefield breach etc and on testing the initial stages of the mission I found it ran about 45 minutes on average to get all the units through the minefield (after dealing with the OPFOR overwatch).

This started me wondering whether it may be better to split the operation into smaller segments (minefield breach as one mission. Beating off the counterattack as a seperate mission and so on).

I have no idea whether or not this will ever get made available for download, but thought I'd askfor people's thoughts on this. Is it better to have a single mission that could eventually take a few hours to complete, or a series of missions where each takes about an hour?

Edit: Sorry, somehow posted this in the wrong forum section. Could one of the moderators move it to the scenario design sub forum please?

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For "typical" computer games the average play time has been measured to be 30 minutes. I don't think that SB Pro works well for such short snippets, but about an hour or so sounds right to me. Notice that the mission end countdown timer only goes up to 120 minutes.

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This might answer some of your questions:

scenario design census results




Seriously. There should be another one in a year or so as new features are implemented. Excellent work Dr. Device.

Oh, and yea, in my opinion, I think an hour or less (30-45 with another 15 minutes of optional clean-up?) is good -- somewhere in that nature for anywhere from a couple platoons to battalion + playable vehicles. Of course most people cannot, nor want to command so many units. More unis tends to = more time planning, but not always more time actually fighting and playing. If I only have a platoon, hell, 15-30 minutes. two cents.

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