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Leopardo 2E WIP

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It is a real pity this beauty still does not have a high ressolution "texture base" for Steel Beasts.

While the 2A4 and the M1A1 have great base high ressolution textures, the 2E that is a really "sexy tank" :smilelove-1: have only this low resolution base performing those DVD size bolts all over.

But I hope one day we will have a high ress template where to add great skins and enjoy this beautiful tank.

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I was hoping for an updated model of the Leopardo too but it's a lot of work. I'm sure we will get one sooner or later. Dejawolf does awesome work and who knows what he's got up his sleeve. The T72 with all the ERA blocks all over is in my opinion the best looking model in the Sim. The woodland skin for it is second to nothing.

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