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FMV Satuday 26th of January. 7pm GMT

general billy

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SB Generals will be hosting once again a fully crewed scenario night, for the community.

Tonights mission will be an extraction scenario, based on my H2H scenario call Borduria Extraction. Blue force need to extract personel from two points and safely escort them back to blue base.

We only have a limited amount of units to use, so team work is important. We be up against a pretty weak force, consisting of leo1's and militia, but still they be a few surprises for blue and some key decisions need to be made by the CO.

After this, if there is time, we hope to play an H2H called, test of metal.

Hope to see all the vetarans there and some new faces.


=Gen= Billy

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No Map Updates,

About The Scenario:-

Relations between the Bluefor(Blue) and the newly formed govenment of Borduria(Red) has worsen with the installation of a new dictator. Bluefor personels and citizens have been warned to leave within 24 hours. That ultamatum has just past 5 mins ago. Special forces are ready to secure safehavens 1 and 2.(Trigger commands) by helicopter and await an Extraction team.

Bluefor is to carry out a land extraction operation and proceed to 2 extraction points at Novo Sad and Urosevo and escort Bluefor personel back to base.

The enemy that Bluefor is up against is regarded to be weak and unorganised. But be prepared for ambushes.

Primary Mission

Secure the extraction zones at Novo Sad and Urosevo, and escort our personel back in trucks to our base safely.

The protection of our personel in trucks will determine the success of the mission. If they die the mission ends. Make sure that the extraction point is clear of all threats. before the trucks can leave. To swawn a truck a the corresponding trigger needs to be pressed.

Once both citizens and US personel (both trucks) have succesfully arrived at the US base extraction zone then the mission will be considered complete.

Secure all possible bridges that is needed as soon as possible to prevent enemy from mining them.

Bridge 1 and 2 will be mined in 10 mins if in enemy hands

Bridge 3 will be mined in 15 mins if in enemy hands

An enemy arty strike is planned to take out our personel. We need to secure them and get them out of harms way before the stated times.

Extraction 1: 40 mins

Extraction 2: 70 mins

Secondary Mission

Defend our base if the Bordurians(Red) choose to attack. We must hold it at all cost. The mission ends if they capture our base.

Our Force

Force: 5 Tanks, 4 APC, medic, M88 and supply Trucks.


The enemy we up against is regarded to be weak and unorganised. They have mainly Aslav's, BMP's and a few tanks.


Trigger 1 and 2, activates special forces via helicopter to secure Nova Sad 1 and Urosevo 2.

Trigger 3, Computer AI Helicopter recon flight on a pre-planned route.

Trigger 4 and 5 activates personel at extraction points.


(1) Get to the 2 extraction points at the safe havens and activate a spawn truck from each of the extraction point back to base.


(2) Prevent red from taking blues base.

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