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This sim looks really promising.

Better watch the video expanded in Youtube and in HD. You will not regret it :)

And fasten your seat belt.


And if you want more of it.......



Really looking forward to it. :smilelove-1::smilelove-1:

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It does look good. Funny thing is I have DCS-Black Shark (the Ka-50 sim), but for some reason, as much as I enjoy the fidelity of the Ka-50..... And can guess how good this will be (seeing that it's like the SB ProPE of flight sims insofar as Eagle Dynamics originally produced this sim as a training tool for the National Guard) I can't work up any excitement for it at all.

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You know,you can really go off people!As if i dont have enough time in a day already!Assassins creed Brotherhood,GT5,MOH Black Ops coming out on the PS3 and now this awesome bit of Kit!I adore the A10,so i am having to get this,i just hope my system will be able to handle it!

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Could never be bothered trying to learn how to fly and fight the Ka50, spent too much time around real helicopters I suppose, so stuck with Lockon Flaming Cliffs 2, but downloaded this as soon as I saw the Beta was ready. The Beta has many flaws as you would expect but the feel is right and the new airfields look good too. Not as impressive as Steel Beasts on the map front, not nearly as good, but the best flying sim for jets I would say. I might take the time to learn this one properly, it looks brilliant.

Download times for the Beta are diabolical, it took me 9 hours to get all four files.

This for Tanks, That for Jets, IL2 for WW2. No decent ship sims out there apart from Silent Hunter.

Well done DCS.

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Right towards the end of the vid,it sounds as if the exhaust has gone on one of the planes!LOL.

As for WW2 planes,have you looked at Wings Of Prey?Ok,i know that the devs arent supporting it much now as the follow on will be being released soon and that will include all that WOP has and more,including Mission manager and skins etc.WOP is a nice game to have a blast on of an evening.Check these in game screenies.Also you DONT need a stonking rig to run it either.






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